A hyflex classroom is a smart classroom equipped with a camera and microphone(s).  These rooms are configured to use the podium PC to access the camera/microphone.  All of our hyflex classrooms use the Vaddio EasyIP ecosystem of equipment, so the equipment will appear as "EasyIP Mixer" in the computer's devices.  This allows the computer to use the hyflex equipment the same way it would a webcam, removing any need for congratulation.

For a list of hyflex classrooms, refer to List of Hyflex Classrooms.


The camera is located on the rear or side wall of the classroom.  It is operated using the Vaddio remote control at the lectern. 

Camera Controls

Remember when using the camera, only one application can use the camera feed at a time. If two feeds are open, you'll get a blank feed on the most recent app that was opened.


The power button is used to turn the camera on and off.  When the camera is off, it will tilt down and turn to the side.  Additionally the LED status light will turn purple.  When the camera is first turned on it will tilt back up and face forward.  The LED status light is either blue or red when powered on.  Another indication that the camera is off is a blank blue image as the camera feed in the application you are using (Teams, Zoom, etc.).

Pan and Tilt

The pan and tilt of the camera is controlled using the direction pad on the remote.  To pan the camera left or right, press the corresponding left and right arrow buttons.  The camera will rotate according to its perspective, or that of the image captured by the computer.  To invert the pan direction, in order to rotate the camera from your perspective, you can press the Rev. Pan button.  Feel free to switch between the Std. Pan and Rev. Pan options to see which one you are more comfortable with.

To tilt the camera up and down, press the corresponding up and down arrow buttons.


The zoom of the camera is controlled using the T and W buttons on the remote.  To zoom in, press the T (telephoto) button.  To zoom out, press the W (wide angle) button.

Camera Select

If the camera is unresponsive to any controls on the remote, or if the camera is not powering up, you want to select "Camera 1" on the remote then try again.



The microphones are ceiling-mounted and distributed throughout the classroom.  There are 1 to 4 microphones per room, depending on the room dimensions.  The microphones have been installed in such a way to pick up voices from all seated positions in the room, with priority for the front of the room.  The microphones have their best pickup within a 12 foot radius, but people outside of that radius may be picked up by the microphones, especially if they are speaking loudly.  In rooms with multiple microphones the AV system will automatically combine the audio from each microphone into one audio source for the computer.  While this means there will be no need for configuration of the microphones, it also means that individuals speaking throughout the room may be loud enough that the presenter may not be heard.  It is good practice for only one person in the room to be speaking at a time when using the hyflex system.

Hyflex microphones hanging in a classroom

Hyflex on the Computer

The hyflex equipment is connected to the podium PC in the classroom.  The device will appear as "EasyIP Mixer" in whatever application you are using (Teams, Zoom, Panopto).  Whenever using the AV system, make sure the speaker selected is NOT the EasyIP system.  You want to make sure the room speakers are selected so that you and your in-person class can hear remote participants.

Select the speaker that is not the EasyIP option.  This may be Crestron, Realtek, or another audio device.  When selected, you should be able to play audio (such a a YouTube video) on the podium PC and hear it over the classroom speakers.

Hyflex in Teams

Please note that the preview window in Teams shows a mirrored video feed.  This is useful when using a webcam but can be confusing when using the hyflex camera.  All participants will see the video feed in the correct orientation, so text will not be backwards during a call or recording.

Use the following settings for Microsoft Teams:

  • Speaker: set to the same speaker output as the podium PC
  • Microphone: Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (EasyIP Mixer)
  • Camera: EasyIP Mixer

Hyflex in Zoom

Use the following settings for Zoom:

Video Settings:

  • set the camera to EasyIP Mixer

Audio Settings:

  • set the Speaker to Same as System
  • set the Microphone to Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (EasyIP Mixer)


Use the following settings for Panopto:

  • set Video to EasyIP Mixer
  • set Audio to Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (EasyIP Mixer)

Camera App

Use the Windows Camera app to test and position the camera before you present. 

Open the Start Menu and search for camera.  Open the Camera app.

If the preview screen is blank, click on the Change camera button to switch to the EasyIP camera.

The hyflex camera feed will appear in the preview window.  You can now pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to adjust the image you'd like to present. 

When finished be sure to close the camera app before opening a new hyflex app, as only one application can use the camera feed at a time.

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