Login Nodes

login.incline.uccs.edu is the address all operations need to use for getting into the 3 login nodes.

Compute Nodes

CPU26AMD EPYC 76623.3 GHz128256 GB
Bigmem2AMD EPYC 7662 3.3 GHz1282 TB
GPU2AMD EPYC 75023.35 GHz641 TB
Login3AMD EPYC 75323.3 GHz3264 GB

File Storage

58 TB of RAID 6 MDL-SAS for generic /home drives

108 TB of GPFS Flash storage on /mmfs1

NameDirectoryPurposeQuota (not enabled)RetentionBackup
Home/home/usernameSmall datasets, output, and custom software58TB
mmfs1/mmfs1/home/usernameLarge high performance storage108 TB
ohpc/opt/ohpc/pubRead only for software and modules 58 TB
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