UCCS users:

To request an INCLINE account, go the OIT INCLINE portal and  https://ithelp.uccs.edu/CherwellPortal/incline and log in using your UCCS credentials. Select the appropriate catogory:

  • Faculty - if you are UCCS faculty, staff, or postdoc
  • Student - if you are a UCCS undergraduate or graduate student
  • External user - if you are user who is not affiliated with UCCS. (See the section below on how to obtain UCCS credentials.)

SSH keys are required to log on to any HPC resource at UCCS. If you do not know what an SSH key is or how to obtain one, see the support article here: Generating SSH Keys

Once your request has been submitted, it may be a few days before it is approved. You will be notified when your account is activated, and then you can access INCLINE by following these instructions: Connect to INCLINE

An on-campus or VPN connection is required to log on. See this page for instructions on setting up a VPN: Pritunl VPN - INCLINE supported VPN. If you are Windows or Mac, you can also use the standard campus VPN connection.

Non-UCCS users:

Before you can access UCCS HPC resources, you must obtain a UCCS Person Of Interest (POI) account. To do this, you need two things:

  1. A UCCS Faculty Sponsor. It is your responsibility to identify a willing faculty member.
  2. A complete, signed UCCS POI Form: https://international.uccs.edu/sites/g/files/kjihxj2011/files/inline-files/POI-Form_FS-091917.pdf. Please note the following
    • Effective date determines the date of expiration (maximum of 12 months from start date). 
    • Person of Interest Type - select "Other" and add "INCLINE User" to the explanation box
    • Sponsoring Department Name - the department in which your Faculty Sponsor is located

When you have completed the form, send it to your faculty sponsor to be submitted to UCCS HR. Once your account is created, you can then claim your account through the UCCS OIT system. 

You are now ready to submit your account request; to do so, follow the instructions above for "UCCS users."

Instructions for UCCS Faculty Sponsors

You are responsible for the actions of any external users for which you are acting as sponsor. Make sure that you trust them, and that they understand the terms of use of INCLINE. 

When your sponsor emails you the completed form, send it to [email protected]

Once their account has been created, forward their account claim information to your sponsee so that they can claim their account.

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