All users receive a /home/username and a /mmfs1/home/username directory.

[root@l001 scripts]# ls -ltr /home/username/
total 0
[root@l001 scripts]# ls -ltr /mmfs1/home/username/
total 0

/home - is low performance storage for binaries and file storage
/mmfs1/home/username - is high performance PixStore flash storage for research data

The system also has a scratch drive at /mmfs1/scratch and this folder acts like a /tmp filesystem.  Users can create folders and files with their permissions only while others can't delete or read the data.

[root@l001 scripts]# ls -ltr /mmfs1/scratch/
total 1
drwxrwxr-x 2 username username 4096 Jan 25 16:07 test

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