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We are happy to announce a new Account Recovery System. This new system will allow for a simpler password update procedure as well as a more streamlined “forgot my password” process.

There are several changes that we would like to make you aware of:

Starting this November 15th, you will be prompted for account recovery options when you log into the Outlook Web Application, Office 365 Online, Canvas, and select web applications. The system will require you to provide an alternative email address, phone number, or both as an extra recovery option. This information will only be used to help you change, reset, or recover a lost password.

    • You will not be prompted again for this information for 365 days if you provide the requested information.
    • If you do not provide the requested information, you will be prompted for this information every time you sign in until the information is provided.
    • More information about this process can be found here: Configuring Account Recovery Options
  • All password updates, resets, and lost password recovery links will continue to be located on our Account Recovery Page. This page can be located by browsing to, clicking on “Log In”, then selecting “Account Help”.
  • Information on how to update your password or recover your account can be found here: Update Password and Account Recovery
  • Part of this project is to re-brand the login page that is used for the Outlook Web App, Office 365, Canvas, and many other web applications. The new page will now show a more familiar landmark on campus, the El Pomar Center Clock Tower.
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