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A pin code is required for Faculty/Staff in order to receive University email. This setting will automatically be pushed to your mobile device once University email is configured on your mobile device.

The following screen captures may look slightly different on your device depending on the version of Android you have; though the settings will be the same.

Step 1: Download Microsoft Outlook

Open your application store and download/install Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2: Open Outlook

Open up Outlook and tap the "Get Started" button, then hit "Skip" on the Accounts menu.


Step 3: Enter Your UCCS Credentials

Enter your UCCS email address, tap the "Continue" button, then type in your UCCS password.


Step 4: (Optional) Add Additional Accounts

If you'd like to setup additional email accounts on your phone, press "Continue" and repeat step 3 for the additional email. When finished, you can hit "Skip" and you will be taken into your email address.