AppArmor from Rave Mobile Safety Solutions is a custom-branded mobile safety and emergency notifications and crisis response app.  AppArmor is currently managed by the UCCS Public Safety Department.  This is also known as the Desktop Panic Button.

Adding the Panic Button to a computer

The application is currently being deployed from Intune to domain-joined Microsoft desktop and laptop computers, and to Mac computers from JAMF.  Additional details are available under the Ops KB space for this topic:  Rave AppArmor Panic Button

Manual Installation

In some cases, the deployment may not install automatically and users will need to bring their computer into the service desk or schedule a remote session to perform a manual installation.  The media is located on Spock → \\spock\notpub\AppArmor Desktop Notification App v6.6.0.0\

  • Windows command line from an admin command prompt:   msiexec /i "AppArmorDesktop.msi" /quiet SERVERURL=""
  • Mac instructions tbc.


If the app is not deploying to or installing on a campus computer, check to make sure the device has enough free space on the C:\ drive.  For deployment from Intune, make sure the device is registered correctly in Azure/Intune.  In some cases, the computer may need to be re-joined to the Domain and allowed time to resync before the deployment install will complete.  

Windows Login Message

The following information will appear upon any user logon of a computer with the AppArmor application installed.  Note:  This information is subject to change without notice.

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