Step 1: Go to the Account Maintenance Menu Website

Go to on any web browser, the page will look like this:

Step 2: Click Claim Your Account

Click on the first link, Claim Your Account, the page will then look like this:

Step 3: Filling in the Page

The Last Name will be the owner's last name, sometimes last names are spelled differently, contact Student Records for exact spellings. Birth Date needs to be in the format of mm/dd/yy; for example, if your Birthday is January 1st, 2001 you would enter 01/01/01. Student or Employee ID number is provided by Student Records and Human Resources respectfully.

Step 4: Change your Password

The page will now ask to change the password on the UCCS account. The password has to be at least 12 characters long. Passwords at UCCS cannot contain the name of the owner or their birthday. Security questions can be set up at this point as well but the only mandatory information is an alternate email address from outside UCCS. You also cannot reuse a password that you've used in the past.