Due to the large number of vendors and devices, its hard to list step-by-step instructions for every single device. Here are some suggestions to help...

  • In general there should be a Settings menu somewhere (or a Network section) on your device where you can setup a network connection (sometimes called an internet connection)
  • Google can be helpful! Try googling the name of your device along with "connect to wireless" or "how to connect to wireless"
  • You can also check the manufacturers website or documentation

Still having trouble? No worries... We are here to help! Contact our IT Service Desk and they can help you get your device connected.

IT Service Desk Phone: 719-255-4357

IT Service Desk Email: [email protected]

IT Service Desk Online Chat: https://oit.uccs.edu/get-help

IT Service Desk Physical Location: EPC 108 which is the 1st Floor of the El Pomar Center (which is below the Library).

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