Each HotSpot has a limited amount of monthly high-speed data. Should the HotSpot exceed this amount, you may notice slower internet speeds.

Student Use Only

Clyde's Hotspots are only available for students. The terms of checkout are regulated by the Library, not OIT.

Table of Contents

Pre-Formatted version: ClydesHotSpot Quick Guide

Connecting to the UCCS Hotspot

Step 1: Turn On Hotspot

To turn on the hotspot press and hold the power button, on the bottom center of the hotspot, for 3 seconds. 

Step 2: Connect to Hotspot Network

Once turned on the hotspot will broadcast a wireless network.

Go to your wireless networks and select Clyde's Hotspot

The password to connect is displayed at the back of the hotspot.


The hotspot has been preconfigured for optimal settings. There is no need to modify any settings.

Hotspot Won't Turn On

Try connecting the power cord. The battery might be low or dead.

The battery status is displayed in the top right corner of the hotspot display. It includes an image of the battery status as well as what percentage of charge it is currently at.

Battery Full: Green Battery Icon   

Battery low: Orange Battery Icon 

No battery: Red Battery Icon       

The battery icon will blink while charging.

Cannot See the ClydesHotSpot Network

Try restarting the device you are trying to connect to the hotspot.

Try turning the hotspot off and on again.

Please notify the Library if device does not work for a hotspot exchange.

The Password Won't Work

Check the password, it should be available at the back of the hotspot.

Check that your Caps Lock isn't turned on your device.

For a mobile device, check if it is adding a space at the end of the password.

Try turning the hotspot off and on again.

The Network Speed is Slow

Check the service signal strength by distinguishing between green, orange, or red icon bars on the center top icon. 

The lower the signal strength - orange or red, the slower the network will be. If the signal strength is low or has no signal at all consider moving to another area to see if the hotspot can get signal.

Try turning the hotspot off and on again.

Data transmission direction: 

The up arrow refers to upload (send data out).

The down arrow refers to download (receiving data).

Signal strength: 

The lower the bar the weaker the signal.

The higher the bar the strong the signal.

No signal:

The hotspot is unable to connect to the Sprint mobile network.

Device Will Not Connect

The hotspot will only allow up to two devices to connect at time.  

If you have two devices connected and need to connect a third you will first have to disconnect one of the other two devices.

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