Department printing is supported with Paw Prints by creating a department specific account in PaperCut.  PaperCut is the system that is used for hosting the Paw Prints service (as of July 2023).  This account is internal to the PaperCut system and does not exist elsewhere.  When the department account exists in PaperCut, Paw Prints user accounts can be assigned as members of the department account.  Paw Prints users can be assigned to more than one department account.

When department assigned users go to print using the Paw Prints system, they will be prompted to choose which account to be billed from, either their personal account or the department account.  The PaperCut desktop client must be running at print time for this functionality to work.  See below for more information.

Please be sure to visit the Paw Prints service page at for detailed instructions on how to use the Paw Prints system and devices.

Requesting a Paw Prints department account.

Departments that are interested in using the Paw Prints system for their staff, faculty or student employees must reach out to the OIT Department to request the creation of a new Paw Prints Department Account.  Once approved, the department must provide OIT with a list of users to be added to the department account.  Please contact the OIT Service Desk to submit your request.

Billing for Department Printing

OIT will work with your department's administrator or finance officer to arrange billing and payment using your department speedtype.  Printing charges incurred by your department will be recorded in the Paw Prints system as a negative balance on the department account.  OIT will contact your department admin on a regular cycle (TBD) to collected on the outstanding charges.  Once payment is received, a credit will be applied back into the Paw Prints department account for that amount.

OIT is currently exploring the option of offering Clyde's Cash (Transact) via a POI account as an alternative payment method (more information forthcoming).

Printing from office workstations

Campus members have the option of using the Paw Prints system from their office workstations in addition to OIT Lab computers.  This requires manually connecting to the Paw Prints printers and running the PaperCut client before printing.  This is already configured for OIT Lab computers and virtual labs, and those systems require no additional setup.  If you would like to print to Paw Prints from your office workstation, please follow the steps below.


     Running the PaperCut client

  • The PaperCut client is required to be running before printing to a Paw Prints Printer.

  • From your Windows computer, open the Windows Start Menu and type \\PawPrints.  Press the enter key to run this command and a file explorer window will open with the \\PawPrints network location.  Alternatively, you can open a Windows File Explorer window and type \\PawPrints in the top location field.


  • Go into the PCClient folder, and then the win folder (the full path is \\PawPrints\PCClient\Win) and find the pc-client-local-cache.exe file.  Double click this file to run the PaperCut client.

  • The Client will appear both on your desktop and as an icon in your system tray.  Please note that the total dollar amount shown in the client window will only contain the balance for your personal account (including any Clyde's Cash) and not the department account.


     Connecting to Paw Prints printers

  • All of the Paw Prints printers are available to use from your office workstation.  OIT Recommends printing to the FindMePrinting queue which will allow you to release your job from any of the newer Konica-Minolta Printers via connected touch-screen interface.  Tapping or swiping your UCCS ID card or mobile ID is also supported.

    Please review the Paw Prints Service Page for detailed instructions on how to use the Paw Prints system and Printers.
  • From the same file explorer view of \\PawPrints, all of the available Paw Prints printers will be listed.  Right click the desired printer and click "Connect...".  The printer will be installed automatically, and you may be prompted to accept the driver installation.

  • Afterwards, the printer will be available in your list of printers from the print menu of your applications.

  • Make sure the PaperCut client is running before attempting to print.


  • Instructions on how to use the Mac client and print from Mac computers are forthcoming.

User Experience.

Once a department Paw Prints account has been created and users have been added, additional prompts will appear at print time to choose between charging your personal account or the department account.  This functionality is the same whether you are printing from your office workstation or from an OIT Lab computer.

  1. Submit your print job from your application directly to a Paw Prints printer or the FindMePrinting queue.

  2. A Print Job Notification window will appear prompting you to select a source to charge the job to.  From here you can choose to charge to your personal account or to the shared department account.  If you are a member of multiple departments enrolled in Paw Prints, the Account dropdown will allow you to choose between departments.  Once your selection has been made, click the Print button.

  3. Next the PawPrints Notification screen will display the standard information for your print job, including the cost.  Press Print to submit the job or Cancel to cancel and not be charged.

  4. If printing to the FindMePrinting queue, walk up to a supported Paw Prints printer and log in.  Your print job will be listed as available for Print release.

  5. If you click on the > arrrow to the right of the document, you can view additional properties of the print job.  You will also have the option to again change which account to print to.  Press on the edit (pencil) icon shown after the displayed account name to choose from available accounts.


  6. Finally, press the Print button to complete your print job, or alternatively press the trash icon to delete the print job.

  7. Log into the Paw Prints User Portal at with your account to view your print job history and transactions, and the different accounts that jobs were charged to.

Department Account Management

Department administrators will have the ability to few important information about their Paw Prints department account by logging into the Paw Prints Admin Portal at  

The Admin Portal is separate from the User portal and is only accessible to users who have been granted access by OIT.  Users who attempt to log into the admin portal who do not have the proper access will automatically be redirected into the User portal instead.

After logging into the Admin Portal, the Department Accounts page will appear with the list of departments you have access to.

Please note that your permissions in the Admin Portal are configured for read access only and attempting to change any settings will result in an Access Denied message.

  • Click on the department name to see additional details for your department account.  


  • From the Details page, you can view the current Balance on the account.  Any amount in parenthesis is considered to be a negative balance.  At the time of your billing cycle, OIT will bill your department for this amount and will add it back as a credit once payment has been received.

  • The Security page will display the list of users who are a member of the Department Account.

  • The Transactions page will show a history of the balance transactions for the account.  Please note that the Filter is on by default and can be modified or cleared to show additional transactions.


  • The Job Log page contains a history of print jobs that were charged to the Department account, including the user who submitted the print job and the cost.  Adjust the Filter to view additional items in this list.

Please contact OIT for any questions or assistance with using the Paw Prints Admin Portal or any other feature of Department Printing.
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