The following tutorial will take you through the process of downloading and setting up the Zoom application. Mobile devices can follow the same steps in order to find the application in the appropriate app store.

Step 1: Go to UCCS Zoom Portal and click the Download Zoom Client button and install the file which is downloaded.

Step 2: Download Zoom Client for Meetings

Step 3: Sign in

Zoom will open automatically once installed. You will be prompted to either Join a Meeting or Sign In. Since there is no login required to join a meeting, click the Sign In button.

Step 4: Click Log in with SSO.

Step 5: Company Domain

Under the Enter your company domain prompt, type uccs-edu into the text field and click Continue.

Step 6: Launch Zoom Application

A web browser window will appear and click Launch Zoom

Step 7: Finishing Up

The full Zoom application will then open and you are now ready to use your Pro account.

*Note: To check and set audio and video options, click the Settings (Image result for settings buttonbutton.

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