• You must have completed your Parcel Pending registration
  • You must have a phone number added to your Parcel Pending profile
    • A mobile number is recommended
  • It is recommended you bring your mobile device with to scan the barcode in this KB (per step 5)


The Mountain Lion Cubbies are located outside of the University Center's west entrance.

Step 1: Enter Your Phone Number

Enter the phone number you have associated with your Parcel Pending account.

Step 2: Enter Your PIN

Enter the PIN number associated with your account.

This can be found on the Parcel Pending web portal or you can have it texted to you using the "GET PIN" option on the screen.

Step 3: Select Drop Off

Select the Drop Off option on the screen.

Step 4: Select OIT Help Desk as the Courier

If any other courier is selected the OIT Help Desk will not be able to retrieve your equipment.

Step 5: Select 1 Day for Courier Pickup

When prompted to select the number of day for the courier to pickup the package please select 1 Day.

Step 6: Select Locker Size

Please make sure that you are picking the smallest sized locker needed to drop off your device.

Small - Primarily for laptops and can comfortably fit up to two laptops.

Medium - For some small or medium form factor towers or more than 2 laptops.

Large - For multiple small or medium form factor towers, full sized towers, and All-in-Ones.

Step 7: Place Equipment in Locker

After selecting your size a locker door will automatically open.  Please place your equipment in the locker and ensure it is closed.

Once closed, please select Yes on the screen to confirm your equipment has been placed in the locker.

The Office of Information Technology will not be responsible for any equipment lost due to a locker not being properly closed.  If the locker door won't close please do not leave your equipment in the locker and notify the Help Desk about the issue.

Step 8: Select Home

Select Home to complete the drop off and be taken back to the Home screen.

Step 9: Select Back to Exit

Select the BACK option in the top left-hand corner of the screen to log out of your account and complete the process.

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