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After successfully using your UCCS credentails to log into the myUCCS Portal you receive the following error: 

Error - Single Sign-On

Unable to provide subject and attribute info. Attribute mapping(s) failed: Mapping lookup "LdapUCCS" returned empty result.

Please contact your system administrator for assistance regarding this error.

Adapter: ColoradoSpringsDirectory


This error is typically caused by an account not yet being fully provisioned. In most cases, waiting 24 hours will populate the correct permissions and grant access to the tab. If the error does not go away in 24 hours, we can get your information over to the right team to fix the problem. 

The system that develops and runs the portal is not hosted here at UCCS. When issues like these happen with the portal, we provide a 1st level support which we then escalate to the portal team in Denver.


  1. Verify that your browser is not causing the issue, clear cache, history and stored information associated with the portal.
  2. Take a screen shot of the error as you see it on the screen, the portal team will ask us for this screenshot as verification of the issue.
  3. Email the screenshot to the help desk at

    Provide some identifying information such as your username, remember there are many students that share the same name but your username is unique to you.


    Once we have gathered the appropriate information we will send it up to the portal access team.