Step 1: Go to Windows updates by searching "update" in the Windows search bar

Step 2: Click the blue button that says "Check online for updates from Microsoft Update"

If you do not have the "Check online..." button, use the "Check for updates" button

Step 3: Wait until the updates populate then click on the optional updates button if it shows up

Step 5: Select all the optional updates then click download and install

Step 6: Wait for the updates to finish installing and are all pending restart and press restart now

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 until no more updates are found

If you have a Dell, HP, or Lenovo computer, please proceed below

If your computer is not UCCS owned, you do not have to do this. Often your manufacturer will install these softwares by default, however, it is personal preference if you install these softwares. 

If your computer is UCCS owned, you should have these softwares installed. If you do not, feel free to reference the download links in each section to download the software. If you have trouble downloading the software please contact the UCCS OIT Service Desk.

Step 1: Search for SupportAssist in the Windows search bar

Step 2: Press the down arrow at the bottom middle of the screen

Step 3: Press the "Run" button under "Get drivers and downloads" or the "Run All" button in the top right

Step 4: When it is done running, press the update button

Step 5: Make sure that all the updates are checked then click Install in the top right

Step 6: Restart your computer if necessary. Repeat steps 1-5 until there are no more updates.

Step 1: Search for Support Assistant in the Windows search bar

If you do not find it in the search, please download the software from here:

Step 2: Press the "Updates" button

Step 3: Press the blue "Check for updates and messages" button and wait for it to search for updates

Step 4: Make sure all updates are checked and press "Download and install"

Step 5: Restart your computer if necessary and repeat steps 1-4 until there are no more updates


Step 1: Go to the Apple icon in the top right of the screen and press "About this mac"

Step 2: Press "Software Update..."

Step 3: Select "Update Now"

For some bigger software updates, you may have to accept an agreement. Press agree when this happens.

Step 4: Wait until the download is finished and restart as necessary

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 until there are no more updates

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