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This guide is geared specifically to creating an inbox rule to help clean up Undelivered emails after an email account has been compromised.

Step 1: Navigate to the Options Menu

Once you log in, click on the cog in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select Options.

Step 2: Select the Inbox and Sweep Rules Menu

In the options menu, select Mail and then select Inbox and Sweep Rules.

Step 3: Create a New Rule and Rule Specifics

Choose the type of rule you wish to create, this will decide what you select for 'When the message arrives' and 'Do all of the following.'

Step 4: Name the Rule

You can name the rule whatever you'd like.  For this guide we have named the rule Undeliverable.

Step 5: Setting Subject Condition

Under the "When the message arrives, and it matches all of these conditions" area you'll want to select the drop down and then select It includes these words and then in the subject...

The word you'll want to add to the rule is Undeliverable and then you'll click the + icon.


Step 6: Setting Up Date Span

This rule is critical!  The rule only needs to run for about two days before it is once again disabled.  This allows you to get Undelivereable emails in the future if an email you send to a professor or another student couldn't be sent.

You'll want to click the Add Condition button

From the drop down box select it's received within a specific date span...

For the date you'll want to check the Before box.  The date you'll want to select is 2 days from the current date.  In this example today's date is 11/2/2017.  So the date picked is 11/5/2017 so that for the current date and over the next two days the rule will be applied.

Step 7: Setup the Action to Delete

Under the Do all of the following area you'll want to select the drop down box and then select Move, copy, or delete and then select Delete the message

Step 8: Verify Final Settings

Make sure that your rule looks similar to the image below, with the date being set according to Step 6.

Make sure that the check box at the bottom of the screen for Stop processing more rules is unchecked.

This rule only works on new emails coming in. You will have to either manually delete the emails currently in your mailbox or use the Outlook desktop application to run the rule on your mailbox.

To manually run a rule in the Outlook desktop application please see this Microsoft KB article:

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