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SafeConnect is a program that allows a machine to connect to the UCCS-Wireless network.

It is required for full internet access on Windows and macOS devices. SafeConnect is not required for mobile phones, Chromebooks, or Linux devices.

When SafeConnect is first installed, you may see the following window if you do not have an antivirus installed.

This screen will alert you that you are not compliant with our network policy. You will have 3 days to fix the issue before our network quarantines your device, meaning you will not be able to use the Wi-Fi.

Other reasons for non-compliance can be, out of date antivirus, out of date operating systems, disabled antivirus, etc. You can still use Ethernet or UCCS-Guest to fix the issue, and reconnect to UCCS-Wireless once you have made corrections.

You will see the following page when your device is compliant and no longer under quarantine.

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