Step 1: Login

Navigate to and press the download on the newest version of Matlab available. It will ask you to sign-in with your MathWorks account. If you do not already have a MathWorks account, please create one here: Create MathWorks Account for Matlab

Step 2: Begin Download

Once logged in, you be taken to the download page. Choose the Windows download option:

Step 3: Begin Installation

Open the downloaded file after it downloads. Please note there will be a UAC popup:

When File is launched, MATLAB will self-extract then launch the installer:

Once installer launches, please ensure "Log in with a MathWorks Account" is selected, then click next:

Accept the License Agreement (after reading), then Click next:

Step 4: Apply Licensing

Type in your MATHWORKS account credentials(note, your mathworks account will be your UCCS email address, but the password may be different), then click next:
Ensure "Select a license" is selected, and there is a license present and highlighted within the box:

Modify installation location if desired (recommend default installation folder) then click next:

Choose additional Packages to install (default is all, and recommended):

Choose which shortcuts to include:

Verify selected items and click install:

Installation process will begin. Please note that the installation process does take some time to complete:

If support for compilers is needed, follow the instructions provided by the highlighted links, then click next:

Step 5: Activate MathWorks

Ensure Activate MathWorks is selected, then click next.
Click next to begin activation process:

Ensure your windows username appears correctly (you can verify this by accessing the C:/Users/ folder in File Explorer). This will be the ONLY user account on the computer that can access MathWorks products:

Verify information is correct, then click "Confirm":

Click Finish. Installation and activation is now complete: