Step 1: Login

Proceed to and login using your UCCS email address.

Step 2: Begin Download

Click on the downward facing arrow to begin the download process.

Step 3: Select Version

Click the button for the version of MATLAB you'd like to download.

Please choose the most current of MATLAB. This will be the first button you see. The rest of the instructions will be the same for any newer applicable versions.

Step 4: Select macOS (64-bit)

Step 5: Begin Installation

Locate the DMG install file downloaded and double click on it to open it.

Step 6: Double-click MATLAB Install File

If prompted that the file is from the internet select Open

Step 7: Enter Credentials

In order to install MATLAB you will need to enter your computer's administrator credentials.

Step 8: Select Log In

Step 9: Accept Terms and Conditions

Step 10: Login with MathWorks Account

Step 11: Select License

You normally should only have one license labeld student, click next if this is the highlighted option.

Step 12: Choose install location

It is recommended to leave the default location.

Step 13: Select Software to Install

By default most of the required applications are already installed but you may select more products to install by checking the boxes.

Step 14: Click Next

You may decided whether you would like to send information to MathWorks. If you do not wish to send the information you will have to click on the checkbox before pressing next.

Step 15: Confirm Installation

Click Install > when you have confirmed your installation

Step 16: Wait for MATLAB Install

Step 17: Click Next

After the installation is complete, click next.

Step 18: Activate MATLAB

Make sure the activate button is checked and click next.

Step 19: Click Next

On this screen you will only need to click next.

Step 20: Provide a Username

Step 21: Confirm Activation

You will see your license number, email address, and login name on this page. Once you have confirmed your activation click Confirm >

Step 22: Complete Finish

On this screen you will need to click finish.