MathWorks Account Creation

To gain access to MATLAB and MathWorks products from your personal computer, you must create an account at with your UCCS email address.

Fill in the following and before clicking the Create button:

  • Email: Your UCCS email account
  • Country/Region: United States
  • How will you use MathWorks Software: Student Use
  • Are you at least 13 years or older: Yes (if you are over 13)

Verify Your Email

MathWorks will require that you verify your email address before continuing. Open your UCCS email and look for an email from [email protected]. It should be under the subject of “Verify Email Address”. You will have to click on the blue “Verify you email” to continue creating your account.

NOTE: You can also use Matlab Online if you wish not to install more software onto your already filled hard-drive space in your computer.

Download MATLAB Software

Step 1: Goto UCCS MathWork Portal

Use preferred browser, go to Click the "Sign in to get started" button. 

Step 2: Log in with your UCCS email if have not created one.

Password does not need to be the same as your UCCS credential. Only the email address has to be UCCS email address.

Step 3: Click "Download Installer" button

You will be directed to MathWorks Downloads page.

Step 4: Select the latest version and Download

Choose the latest release version from the left side menu. and select the installer to your operating system from the dropdown menu highlighted in the screenshot below.

Install MATLAB

Please follow the instruction in the official documentation on MathWorks website.