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You must be on campus or connected to the VPN in order to manage Exception Accounts

An Exception Account can only be managed by a single person.  The system does not allow for multiple managers.

Step 1: Open Active Directory

Click the Start icon and type Active Directory into the search box. Click on Active Directory Users and Computers.

If you cannot find Active Directory, please contact OIT for installation instructions. If you are on a Apple Mac, please contact OIT as Active Directory is not available for Mac systems, yet.

Step 2: Navigate to Exchange Exception

Expand, expand Groups, and select Exchange Exception.

Step 3: Checking Folder Ownership

Click the Managed By tab and make sure your username is listed on the end. If not, you can contact the user listed to make any needed changes.

Step 4: Changing User Access

Click on the Members tab. Note the list of users under Members who currently have access to the exception account. Select a user and press Remove if you would like to remove their access. Otherwise, click Add... to add a user for access:

Step 5: Add the Username

Add the new person's username and click the Check Names button.

Step 6: You have added the User Successfully

When you have added all the people needed, click the OK button.