Requirements and Notes

  • This installation guide is for Windows 10/11 only.
  • You must have the appropriate administrative permissions on your personal machine to install software.
  • You must be either on campus connected to the UCCS network or connected via VPN in order to download, license, and use the ModelSim software. Please confirm you are connected to the UCCS network prior to attempting any troubleshooting. 
  • EAS IT and OIT will not provide assistance troubleshooting or installing ModelSim on a personal machine in any capacity. You are responsible for any issues that may arise during or after the installation.

About ModelSim

ModelSim is a multi-language environment by Siemens for simulation of hardware description languages such as VHDL, Verilog and SystemC, and includes a built-in C debugger. The UCCS college of engineering provides on network licensing for this software to all ECE students who wish to install it on a personal machine.

Download ModelSim

Step 1: In File Explorer, paste \\eas-data\Public\Software\Public\ModelSim into the search bar

You should see the ModelSim installer in the folder.

Step 2: Copy "modelsim-win64-10.6-se.exe" to a location on your local machine

Right-click, copy, paste to downloads folder. The transfer could take some time depending on your internet speeds.

Installing ModelSim

Step 1: Double-click "modelsim-win64-10.6-se.exe" and choose "yes" if you get a UAC pop-up

Step 2: Click "next" on the installer and select your desired install location

We recommend leaving the install location at the default "C:\modeltech64_10.6"

Click next and "Yes" to create the installation directory.

Step 3: Agree to the license agreement and wait for the installation to finish

Step 4: Cleanup tasks

Choose whether or not you want a shortcut added to your desktop.

Choose whether or not to add ModelSim to path (we recommend the default "yes").

Choose "No" to install hardware security key driver. We will get our license from a network license server.

Licensing ModelSim

Step 1: Open the system environment variables

Using the windows search tool, search for "edit the system environment variables" and hit enter

In the new window, click "Environment Variables..."

Step 2: Create a new environment variable with the license server information

Click "New..." under the system variables section

Copy and paste the following variable information:


Value: [email protected]

Choose "OK" and make sure you can see the new variable in the list


ModelSim should now be installed! If you've successfully complete the steps above you should be able to open the ModelSim software and see the screen below


1: Unable to get a license

If you receive this error message, you're either unable to reach the license server or your environment variable is missing/setup incorrectly.

  1. Ensure your license variable is still present in the variable list and configured correctly according to the licensing section of this guide.
    1. If it is no longer present, it's possible you don't have the necessary permissions to edit/add environment variables on your local machine. If your machine is bound to a domain, there may be interfering group policies preventing the variable creation.
    2. If the variable is configured incorrectly, simply edit the variable and add the correct information according to the steps above.
  2. Ensure you're able to reach the server by testing your connection to the license server and the UCCS network.
    1. Confirm you are connected to the UCCS VPN. If you aren't, connect and try re-opening the application.
    2. If you are connected to the VPN and still unable to open ModelSim, open a command prompt and run "ping". You should receive a set of replies containing the server's IP address if successful. If the pings are unsuccessful, please try using ModelSim on a UCCS lab computer or in the VMWare virtual labs. If the software won't open in the labs, please contact the helpdesk to alert them of the issue.

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