Step 1: Navigate to the Apple App Store

Tap on the Apple App store icon.

Step 2: Search for App

Search for OneDrive.

Step 3: Choose OneDrive.

Choose OneDrive option and download.

Step 4: Launch the App

After completing the download look for the OneDrive icon (white background with blue cloud) and tap it.

Step 5: Input UCCS Credentials

Enter your UCCS email address. The application will redirect you to the UCCS sign in page and pre-fill your email address, just type in your password. It may redirect you to the Authenticator app if connected. For more info about the Authenticator app see Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Step 6: View your files.

You can view all of your files as well as edit some of them. If you have the Microsoft Office programs installed on your device, you will be able to edit those Office files. For more information on mobile Office see Office365 Download for iPhone and Office365 Download for iPad