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Emails caught in quarantine run through multiple algorithms and tests to be flagged as Spam or Phishing. It is important to closely evaluate any email that gets caught in the filter before releasing it. Please contact us if you are unsure if an email is legitimate.


Step 1: Browse to the Microsoft Quarantine Portal and sign in.

The Quarantine Portal can be found here: Please sign in with your UCCS email address and password.

Step 2: Select the Message(s) you would like to release.

The Quarantine Portal shows all of the messages that are currently quarantined. Click on the message(s) that you would like to release, so that the message is highlighted.

All dates and times are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

To select multiple messages for release, you can hold down CTRL and click multiple messages or use the [CTRL + A] to select all

Step 3: Click the Release Message button.

When you click the Release Message button, you will have the choice to only Release the selected message(s) or to release message(s) and report as not junk. Select the second option if you know that this sender is legitimate and you expect to receive messages from them in the future.

Step 4 (Optional): Select release message(s) and report as not junk

If this option is selected, you will be prompted with the following warning:

After you select Yes you will see a progress bar and a prompt to close the window.