This KB should be used if the customer is reporting that another app (such as Adobe Acrobat) is opening when they try and open Word or Excel Documents or if their Word and or Excel document have a different icon.

Word and .docx:

Step 1: Right click on any Word document and click "Open with...":

Sometimes, the "Open with" option will be a sub-menu which will look something like this:

In this case, click on "Choose another app" instead.

Step 2: Find Word in the list of apps, check "Always use this app..." and the press OK:

You will sometime need to click "More Apps" to find Word.

Excel and .xlsx:

Follow Step 1 in the Word section above but using any Excel document.

If Excel appears in the list of apps, also follow Step 2 above but choosing Excel.

(It usually does not hence the bellow steps)

Step 2: Click "More Apps" and then scroll to the bottom and click "Look for another app on this PC"

Make sure that "Always use this app..." is checked!

Step 3: In the File Explorer windows that opens, navigate to " C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 " and select " EXCEL.EXE ":

You can then hit "Open" and your done!

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