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Step 1: Open the Wireless Settings

From the desktop, in the bottom right corner there will be a wireless icon. Clicking on that icon should open a menu with available Wireless Networks, from there you'll want to click on Network Settings.

Step 2: Accessing VPN Settings

From the wireless Network Settings, on the left side of the screen there are various tabs for settings, click on the VPN tab. From this new tab, click on Add a VPN connection.

Step 3: Adding the UCCS Resources VPN

In the menu that pops up, you'll want to ensure that under "VPN provider" it states Windows (built-in), under "Connection name" it states UCCS Resources VPN, and finally under "Server name or address" it states

Step 4: Connecting to the VPN

From the VPN tab, select the Resources VPN, and click connect.

Step 5: Enter your Credentials

Enter your username in the form and type in your password. Select OK. You may be asked to verify a certificate. Select continue. You should now be connected.

You can now see that you are connected to the UCCS Resources VPN.

Step 6: Connect to Excelsior, Enterprise, or Columbia

To access the IT accounts or departmental shares, click on the Start icon in the lower left corner of your desktop. In the search bar, type:

\\ for student accounts or

 \\ for staff/faculty accounts, or

 \\\dept for departmental shares, and press Enter. 

You may see the following window that asks you to log in. Type in your credentials in the form

Step 7: Disconnect from VPN

Reopen the network settings page following the same procedure in step one. Select the VPN and click on disconnect. This will also disconnect you from any network drives.