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Audio - From Perspective of Joining a Meeting

Connecting with "Call Using Computer" option

When connecting to a meeting your computer should automatically detect the speakers and microphone, if any are installed.
Your computer will default to the "Call Using Computer" option to connect the speakers and microphone to the meeting. Press the circular button and it will begin connecting.

When the audio has successfully connected a window with a check mark will come up saying Connected. After this fades away you'll notice the Call button is now a solid blue color.

Testing the Audio

To test click on the Audio button

A menu will pull up that provides some basic information on your audio. Click the Change settings option.

Your window will change a bit to show you some additional options. If you click on the Test box a chime will be sent from WebEx to your computer.

If you see the blue dashes but do not hear the sound please check the computer's volume. If you have external speakers, speakers you had to manually connect, please check that they are on the volume is turned up.

Testing the Microphone

You should be able to just speak out loud and the dashed lines under the Microphone section should turn blue just as they did for the speaker. (See same picture as above – you can see the blue lines for the microphone.)
Most laptops and tablets have built in microphones. However, most desktop computers do not have a built in microphone. If your computer does not have a microphone you can purchase one in the CU Marketplace or use a phone to connect your audio to the meeting.
If you are sure that your computer has a microphone and it is not functioning correctly, please contact the IT Help Desk for additional support.

Connecting with I Will Call In option

You can get the phone number and other information to call into the meeting from any phone.
Click on the More Option box.

Select the I Will Call In option

You will then be provided with the contact number to call in, the access code you'll need to get into the meeting, and your Attendee ID for the meeting you are joining.

Call the number provided.
The phone system will then prompt you to enter the access code and after that enter the attendee ID. You will then be connected to the meeting. Your audio icon should now look like a phone.


If your webcam is connected and the proper software and drivers are functioning as intended WebEx will automatically detect your webcam. To connect the camera click on the camera icon. This will tell WebEx to turn on the webcam and display the image to everyone in the meeting.

If you have a webcam and it is not functioning correctly, please call the IT Help Desk for support. This could be an issue related to incompatible software or driver issues.

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