You will need to be logged into OneDrive before you will be able to migrate your data.

Please see OneDrive for Windows for instructions on how to log into OneDrive for the first time. 

  1. Open the File Explorer (yellow folder icon) on your computer.

    1. Usually it is pinned to your bottom bar, or can be found by searching "File Explorer" in the Windows Search Bar.

  2. In the Navigation panel on the left-hand side of your File Explorer window, select "This PC"

  3. In the "This PC" window, select your Z: Drive under the "Network Locations" section. 

  4. To select all of the documents in your Z: Drive, please do one of the following:

    1. Press the keys CTRL + A to highlight all of the folders, files, and documents, OR

    2. Click with your mouse and drag your cursor over all folders, files, and documents to highlight, OR

    3. Along the top tool bar of your File Explorer window, select the "Home" tab and on the far right-hand side select "Select all"

  5. Once all of your folders, files, and documents have been highlighted, right click on the highlighted area and select "copy"

  6. In the Navigation panel on the left-hand side of your File Explorer window, select "OneDrive - University of Colorado Colorado Springs".

  7. Create or find a folder where you would like to move your data.

    1. To create a folder, right click in your File Explorer window and select "New" > "Folder".

    2. If you have a pre-existing folder, double click on it to open the folder. 

  8. After opening the folder, right-click on the blank space in your File Explorer window and select "paste".

  9. Your documents will begin populating and syncing into OneDrive. You can keep track of the syncing progress by clicking on the OneDrive (blue cloud) icon in your task box (right beside your clock/date). 

    1. Once your OneDrive has finished syncing, it will say "OneDrive is up to date"

Syncing Errors

There may be some issues with some documents you may try and migrate from your Z: Drive to OneDrive. A red circle with an 'X' will pop up along with a message across the top that says "Some items can't be synced, click for more info". If a file cannot sync for any reason, OneDrive will tell you why and a possible resolution to the issue. If you have any questions about sync errors, please contact the UCCS OIT Service Desk

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