This makes the Section Header row for a Single Page k18, this is a row that we will make directly on the page.

Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the page you will be adding the row to

2. Click add Single Page - Section Header from the drop down content row menu

4. Fill out required and desired fields (required fields will have a red *)

    • The title is the text that will appear to the left of the button
    • The CTA link is the button in the middle
    • The icon will appear to the right of the button
    • Then the Block Hero Text will sit behind all of the other content. For accessibility purposes, do not list relevant information in Block Hero Text only, the same information should be displayed elsewhere on the page or the Block Hero Text must not be information based
    • We HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT use all three components simultaneously (CTA, title, and icon)\

5. Click Save once you have finished adding your content. An example of a Page Header is displayed below.

Example Section Header

There is no content with the specified labels