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This is a list of the regions you will need to create a Single Page 2018 with the Karsh Theme

List of Regions Necessary:

  1. Header
  2. Alerts
    1. This is a stub placeholder for rave alerts.  Putting content in this region will override the dynamic alert system.
  3. Jumbo_nav_menu
    1. This is a menu of buttons to open the jumbo navigation menus in jumbo_nav_one-six.
  4. Jumbo_nav_one, _two, _three, _four, _five, _six
    1. This is a multilevel menu displaying in a jumbo navigation block.  You can also add a CTA Block within each menu to add CTA Buttons to the Jumbo Navigation Menu
  5. Breadcrumb
    1. This is a placeholder for dynamically generated breadcrumbs.
  6. Secondary_menu
    1. The is the menu at the top of the page above search.  This is a non-multilevel menu that will appear at the top next to the UCCS Logo.
  7. Primary_menu
    1. This is disabled whenever the Jumbo Menus are used, but will function as a main navigation when the Jumbo Nav is not enabled.  This will support two levels.
  8. Utility_menu
    1. This is a dropdown menu of utility links (e.g. login, portal, etc.)
  9. Pre_content
    1. This is a section of content that will display before the main body content.
  10. Content
    1. This is your content
  11. Sidebar_left
    1. This is a sidebar that will appear on the left side
  12. Sidebar_right
    1. This is a sidebar that will appear on the right side
  13. Post_content
    1. This is a section of content that will display after the main body Content.
  14. Footer
    1. This is content displayed in a highlighted block, primarily the content is contact information (address, phone, etc)
  15. Social_media_menu
    1. Social Media Links
  16. Footer_additional_cta
    1. These are call to action links on the right side of the Footer
  17. Footer_menu_one
    1. This is the first menu that will appear in the footer
  18. Footer_menu_two
    1. This is the second menu that will appear in the footer, right next to the first


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