To learn how to create a Content Feed row, follow the steps listed below. 

Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Navigate to the page where you would like to add a Content Feed row.

2. From the list of available content rows, select "Add Single Page - Content Feed".

3. Fill out required and desired fields (required fields have a red *).

  • The "Title" field will be displayed at the top under the icon (if chosen) in red text.
  • The "Icon" field can be used to add an icon. To add an icon go to Font Awesome (, search for the desired icon, copy the code for the icon, and then paste the code into the "Icon" field (only paste the part of the code that is in the quotes, quotes not included) (Per UCCS theme, only "Light" and "DuoTone" icons are allowed).
  • The "Body" field is where you can enter any descriptions or information.
  • The "Webform" field allows you to select an existing webform.
  • Under "Footer Link" you can add a URL in the "URL" field to link to a page.
  • Under "Footer Link" add a name for the button for the URL in the "Link Text" field.

4. Once you have filed out the fields, click "Save" to save the page. You have now successfully created a Content Feed row. An example of a Content Feed is displayed below.

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