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This is a how to article on making the Jumbo Navigation

Step-by-step guide

Follow each step in this order:

  1. You will first create a new Menu, named Main Menu Links (this will hold your top level links)
  2. Add your Link Titles and then place a #placeholder in the url
  3. Go to the Block Layout and place this menu underneath the Jumbo Nav Links section
  4. Now you will make the menus that will be placed within each Jumbo Nav 
  5. You will now create a menu for each of the links in the Main Menu Links menu (note: the machine name to the right of the Title section)
  6. Now, add all of your links for this section of the Jumbo Navigation
  7. Copy the machine name from earlier and return to the Main Menu Links menu in the Jumbo Nav Links section.  
  8. For each of the links in this menu, you will now place the machine name in the url (#machine name)
  9. Now, go to the Block Layout. 
  10. Place each of the menus underneath the jumbo_nav_one -6 sections of the block layout.  The first menu will go in jumbo_nav_one, the second in jumbo_nav_two, etc.
  11. For the CTA buttons in the Jumbo Navigation, you will have to create a CTA Media.  
  12. You will do this by going to Content →  Add Media → Media - Call to Action
  13. Fill out all the fields in this section and hit save
  14. After saving, go back to Structure → Block layout → Add Custom Block
  15. Select Jumbo Nav CTA block
  16. Add a brief description and then in the CTA Media section type out and select the name of your Media item that you med in step 13
  17. Click save
  18. Now, go back to the block layout
  19. Then place the CTA Block underneath the Jumbo Navigation *Number section that you would like it to appear in
  20. Click save


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