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Table of Contents

Step 1: Open


Outlook 2016 for Mac


Open Outlook from withing your Applications folder.

Step 2: Select Preferences in the Outlook menu

In the top left of your screen select Outlook and then select Preferences... from the menu.



3: Select Signatures

Select Signatures from the Outlook Preferences menu.



4: Add Your Signature

Click into the Signature box and


begin typing your signature.

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Change font:

Right-click (or control-click) in the signature box and select Font... to change font, color, and size.


Insert Picture:

Click Format in the top menu and select Insert Picture to add a picture or logo

The official UCCS Logo for Email Signatures can be found here: UCCS Brand Standards 


Set Default Signature:

Under Choose default signature, make sure your signature is selected under New Messages and Replies/Forwards.



Step 8: Close Window to Save

To save just close the window.  Outlook will automatically save the signature.