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KB:Connecting to UCCS-Guest: Creating a wireless Guest Account
KB:Connecting to UCCS-Guest: Creating a wireless Guest Account


Table of Contents

Step 1: Tap Settings

Tap the settings gear to open the settings windows. This may be on your home screen or in the list of apps.

Step 2: Select Wireless Settings

Tap the Wi-Fi option.

Step 3: Connect to UCCS-Guest

Tap the UCCS-Guest network and tap connect.

Step 4: Create Guest Account

Your browser should automatically redirect you to the following page, tap Create Guest Account.

Please note: If the page does not open automatically you may have to click on a notification on your phone.

Step 5: Fill out form

Fill out the form and then tap Register.

Step 6: Take Note of Credentials

Take note of the guest account username and password you are issued. You are going to user these credentials in the steps below.

Step 7: Go Back to Wi-Fi in Settings

Return to your list of wireless networks in Settings → Wi-Fi.

Step 8: Connect to UCCS-Wireless

Select the UCCS-Wireless network (you will be leaving the UCCS-Guest network).

Step 9: Sign in with Guest Account

Sign into the UCCS-Wireless network with your guest account username and password obtained in the steps above.
Leave "Anonymous identity" blank.

Your device should now be connected to UCCS-Wireless.

Still having problems? Please contact the OIT Help Desk.