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Comment: Added a few troubleshooting steps for when ssh asks for a password.


  1. Launch PuTTY
  2. Under "Host Name" type:
  3. Expand "Connection" → "SSH" → "Auth" and select "Browse" next to "Private key file for authentication"
  4. Select the "Private Key" file created when Generating SSH Keys

  5. Browse back to "Session". Under "Saved Sessions" provide a name to save this connection as, then select "Save".
  6. Select the newly created session and click "Open"
  7. Type in your username and hit enter
  8. You are now authenticated and connected to INCLINE

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Problem: ssh is asking for your password to connect.
    1. If ssh asks for a password, it's because your ssh connection is not utilizing your ssh key. This could be for several reasons. You are responsible for keeping track of your ssh keys and ensuring they're in the appropriate locations on your system in order to connect to INCLINE.
      1. Windows default location: C:\Users\yourusername\.ssh\id_ed25519
      2. MacOS default location: /Users/yourusername/.ssh/id_ed25519
    2. Your key may not be named in a way that your system can automatically choose it while connecting. Run your ssh command adding -vvv to see a very verbose output which should indicate the name of the key file its trying to find. Confirm the name and location of your key file.
    3. If your key is in the correct location and named correctly but ssh is still asking for a password, force ssh to use your key by adding -i /path/to/key to your command. Example: ssh -i C:\Users\jdougla3\.ssh\mykey [email protected]