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Please watch the Introduction to Slurm Tutorials -


The system scheduler is currently configured as one job per node.

Running Your Jobs

(Quick start) Starting an interactive session using srun


to get real-time output of your code by tracking the output file.

INCLINE Partitions

StatusPartition NameAccessResourcesMax # nodesMax timeCurrent Priority Job Factor
(higher number = higher priority) 
EnabledcomputeAllCompute nodes2624h2This is the standard workhorse category of partitions for most HPC codes. Jobs submitted to these queues are reasonably high priority, but have a 24 hour time limit. 
EnabledgpuAllGPU nodes224h2
EnabledbigmemAllHigh memory nodes224h2
Disabledcompute-quickAllCompute nodes21h3These partitions are for testing or debugging. Submitting to these queues gets your code running quickly.
Disabledgpu-quickAllGPU nodes11h3
Disabledbigmem-quickAllHigh memory nodes11h3
Disabledcompute-longAllCompute nodes13720h1Use these partitions for long-time jobs that are expected to take multiple days or even weeks. These partitions are low priority but have a long runtime. 
Disabledgpu-longAllGPU nodes1720h1
Disabledbigmem-longAllHigh memory nodes1720h1


compute-unlimitedPrivilegedCompute nodes only26Unlimited100These partitions are high-priority, unlimited queues accessible to privileged users only. Use of these queues is available by special request only. The unlimited queues are used for ultra-large-scale production runs, benchmarking tests, etc. 

Disabledgpu-unlimitedPrivilegedGPU nodes only2Unlimited100
Disabledbigmem-unlimitedPrivilegedHigh memory nodes only2Unlimited100
Disabledcompute-USERUSERCompute nodesNUnlimited100These partitions are for users who are the owners of individual nodes on INCLINE. For instance, if bobsmith is a PI who has paid to purchase a compute node, then compute-bobsmith is a special high-priority queue accessible to him and his designated users only. 
Disabledgpu-USERUSERGPU nodesNUnlimited100
Disabledbibmem-USERUSERHigh memory nodesNUnlimited100

For detailed discussion of SLURM prioritization and fairshare algorithm, see this presentation.