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Table of Contents

Step 1: Opening Network Connections

Click the wireless networking icon, then make sure that it says Turn Wifi Off.

Step 2:


Select eduroam

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Step 3: Entering credentials

Enter your UCCS and password then click Join.full domain UCCS username and password, then click Join.

Your username must be in the form (it must have "" on the end)

Step 4:


 Review security certificate


You should see a screen similar to the following asking you to verify and accept the server's security certificate. The server "" is the server you are authenticated against.
To be safe you should always validate the certificate you are about to trust. To validate and see more information about the certificate, click Show Certificate.
Our certificate is issued by Comodo RSA Certificate Authority.


Expand the Details by clicking the small triangle, and you should see more details about the certificate as seen below.

Scroll towards the bottom and you should down until you see the certificate fingerprintsFingerprint section. Your certificate fingerprints should match the fingerprints listed outlined below...


titleServer fingerprints


0A 1E 26 F8 15 59 C8 68 6A 40 0A 00 18 EF 41 F1 D1 75 67 EC 18 03 22 1A 3A 35 2B 8E 94 00 2C F3




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CPPM Cert Fingerprints SHA-256 and SHA-1
CPPM Cert Fingerprints SHA-256 and SHA-1

Step 6: Accept the security certificate

If your certificate fingerprints match those listed above, you can trust the certificate is valid. Click Continue.→ If the fingerprint do not match, DO NOT trust the certificate! Click CANCEL and contact the OIT Helpdesk for assistance.

Your computer may then prompt you for your username /and password to allow your computer to store the newly trusted certificate.
If prompted, enter your credentials and click "Update Settings."

Step 7: Finished - Your device should now be connected to eduroam.