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Step 1: Open Network Connections

Click the networking icon in the system tray, typically located in the lower right side of the screen.

Step 2: Select the eduroam wireless network

Click the eduroam network.

Step 3: Join the network by clicking connect

Click Connect.

Step 4: Entering Credentials

Enter your full domain username and password, then click OK to connect.

Your username must be in the form [email protected] 

Step 5: Verify Security Certificate

To validate and see more information about the certificate, click Show Certificate Details

Step 6: Verify Security Certificate continued

The server certificate thumbprint should be displayed. It should match the SHA-1 fingerprint listed below.

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CPPM Cert Fingerprint SHA-1
CPPM Cert Fingerprint SHA-1

If the fingerprint matches, click Connect

Your device should now be connected to eduroam.