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  1. Make sure your wireless adapter is enabled
  2. Choose eduroam from your list of available wireless networks
    1. If you are prompted to select more specific authentication or security types, choose: 802.1x, PEAP & MSChapV2, and/or WPA-ENT.
  3. Enter your full UCCS username with "" on the end (for example: and your password.
  4. Check and accept the server certificate if prompted. The server certificate fingerprints should match one or both below:
    1. SHA-1:  7F EF D3 17 14 12 50 59 1B B9 C0 CA D7 D6 C6 CC FB D6 03 45
    2. SHA-256: 24 96 3E 77 CA 8C 98 AA 36 4B 07 C0 D6 63 16 7B 40 3A 68 BC 72 C2 7F 57 0C A1 E2 85 BB 8F E1 F3
  5. Once connected, try to browse to any favorite website and make sure you have internet connectivity.

Detailed Steps based on your device or OS type:

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