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You must have been given permission to access the additional mailbox before it can be added to Outlook.

To request permission to the mailbox, please have the owner of the account contact us.

Step 1: Open Preferences

Select Outlook in the top menu bar and then select Preferences...

Step 2: Open Accounts

Select the option for Accounts under the Personal Settings section.

Step 3: Open Advanced Settings

In the bottom right corner of the page select Advanced...

Step 4: Add an Additional Mailbox

Select the Delegates tab.

Under the Open these additional mailboxes section select the + icon.

Step 5: Add the Mailbox

In the Choose a Person window enter the email address for the additional mailbox.


Once added, the mailbox will show up under additional mailboxes.

Select OK.

Step 6: Allow Auto-Discover

If prompted to allow Auto-Discovery please select the check box for Always use my response for this server and then select Allow.

Step 7: Access the Mailbox

The new mailbox will automatically appear in the left hand menu within Outlook.