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titleVPN Traffic

In an effort to reduce VPN traffic, it is requested that you do not use this service unless you need access to software only available on open lab computers.  For access to UCCS webpages, Canvas, Microsoft Office programs, and Matlab , and SPSS remote access is not required. 


The following requirements are necessary for remote access to open lab computers.

  • A computer running Windows or macOS or Mac computera Chomebook
  • Your computer must be connected to the UCCS Resources VPNA Windows or Mac computer with Microsoft UCCSVPN
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop must be installed
    • For Mac computers: Microsoft Remote Desktop in Mac App Store
    • For Windows 10 computers: Microsoft Remote Desktop is included in all versions of Windows 10
    • UCCS Chromebooks have the Remote Desktop app installed by default
    • For all other devices: Follow Microsoft's instructions here: Remote Desktop clients
  • A reservation for a UCCS lab computer