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Step 1: Getting to Settings

At the Start screen move your mouse to the top right corner to get the charms bar to appear, then click Settings.

Step 2: Opening Network Connections

Click on the Available button to bring up the list of wireless networks.

Step 3: Selecting the UCCS network

Select the UCCS-Wireless network.

Step 4: Connecting

Click Connect.

Step 5: Entering credentials

Enter your UCCS username and passwordthen click OK to connect.

Step 6: Accepting security certificate

Click on Connect on the Windows Server Identity verification window.

Step 7: Open a Browser

Open a browser, it should automatically redirect to You should see the screenshot in Step 6. If not, type in the website in the address bar.

Step 8: Click Download

If you see this window it means that SafeConnect is not already downloaded, and you will need to click the Download Now button to install it.


Step 9: Click Install

Click Install on the downloaded file.

Step 10: Click Finish

After clicking Finish, you will need to go back to your browser and click on the button that says I’m done Installing.

Step 11: Connected

Your browser should automatically refresh. If it doesn’t, navigate to When you see the following page, you have successfully connected to UCCS-Wireless.