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                                          LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

Dear Colleagues:

I will like to remind each and every one of you that this organization holds itself to the highest ethical standards. To that end we are pleased to announce our updated Business Integrity Program. Adherence to the Program standards not only achieves compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but affords us tangible business benefits.  These standards also avoids liability for our company and all of us and also protects our reputation, but that is only the first of several benefits.

We must not take these benefits for granted as corporate scandals in recent years at Enron, Tyco, and other companies including some companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and have eroded the confidence of employees, customers, shareholders, and others.

Each of us must regularly affirm our commitment to integrity by acknowledging our agreement to the standards outlined in the Business Integrity Program. Please recognize the compliance responsibility this organization places in each and every one of us, as it will be taken seriously and any failure to act in accordance with the principles outlined herein.

The Business Integrity program is attached in this email and can also be accessed HERE, It is important that all staff go through it thoroughly and adhere to these standards so you will be helping to assure the future success of this organization.


University of Colorado Colorado Springs  
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs CO USA 80918 

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