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End of Support Warning

Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020. We highly recommend you upgrade to a more recent version of Windows. If you have a university-owned computer, you can contact the OIT Help Desk if you need assistance with the upgrade process. Starting February 14, 2020 university-owned Windows 7 computers will be blocked from connecting to the UCCS network. After February 14th, 2020 the OIT Help Desk will only be able to offer very limited support for non university-owned Windows 7 computers.


Joining the eduroam wireless network requires you to meet either one of the two conditions below...

  • You have a UCCS username and password (because you are are a student, faculty or staff)
    .... or ....
  • You have an account through your institution, which is a participating institution with eduroam

If neither of the above apply to you, please visit the UCCS-Guest information page for information regarding guest wireless access.

Steps to connect to eduroam on Windows 7:

Step 1: Opening Network Connections

Click the wireless networking icon in the system tray, typically located in the lower right side of the screen near the clock


Step 2: Open Network and Sharing Center

Click Open Network and Sharing Center

Step 3: Set up a New Connection

Click Set up a new connection or network

Step 4: Manually connect to a wireless network

Click Manually connect to a wireless network

Step 5: Enter the connection information

Enter the settings shown below, then click Next.

Network name: eduroam
Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
Encryption type: AES
Security key: <leave blank>
Start this connection automatically = checked
Connect even if the network is not broadcasting = unchecked

Step 6: Change connection settings

Click Change Connection Settings

Step 7: Change connection settings

Click the Security tab. Make sure the security type and the encryption type match the image below.
Then click on Settings.

Step 8: Change connection settings continued...

Make sure the box next to Validate server certificate is checked.
In the list of Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, check the box for COMODO RSA Certificate Authority
Check the box next to Do not prompt user to authorize new servers or trusted certificate authorities

Then click Configure...

Step 9: Change connection settings continued...

Uncheck the box next to Automatically use my Windows logon name and password
Then click OK
Then click OK again 

Step 10: Change advanced settings

Click Advanced settings

Step 11: Change advanced settings continued...

Check the box next to Specify authentication mode.
Then click OK
Then click OK again
Then click CLOSE

Step 12: Enter your username and password

After a moment, a dialog bubble should appear asking for additional information to connect to eduroam... click on the dialog bubble
After clicking the bubble, you should be prompted for your UCCS username (in the form and password then click OK

Your username must be in the form (it must have "" on the end)


Your device should now be connected to eduroam.
You can verify you are connected by clicking the wireless network icon in the lower right corner.

Your device should now be connected to eduroam.