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Posting description : I am Gail Richards by name, 45 yrs old and my occupation is a payroll manager. I am looking to hire someone to work for me personally from his/her home and earn $2800 monthly.
Reasons for hiring :
I am working as a payroll manager for intuit payroll from my home for the past decade. Because of this highly rated experience, i am just hired by Paychex payroll. The task is now too much for only me to execute, so that is the reason why i am looking to hire someone who can help me personally in doing some of this from his/her home and get paid.
Requirements :
* Personal computer
* Printer
* Scanner
* Internet
* Glue
* White paper (A4)
* Regular brown envelopes, size (6X9)
Mode of payment : Negotiable/Mode of payment that is acceptable by you.
More info text (256) 269-0287
E-mail : [email protected]

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