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You must be on campus or connected to the VPN in order to access your Z Drive (Enterprise) files

Step 1: Navigate to Go in Finder

Click on the Desktop then Click on Go

Step 2: Type in Drive Name to Connect To

Type in the enterprise drive path: smb://

Note: Mac's running an older version of OS X may need cifs:// as opposed to smb:// if you encounter an error trying the above

Step 3: Sign in using UCCS account

When asked to log in, use a Registered User and type in UCCS account username and password

Step 4: Navigate to Desired Destination

In order to find a Staff folder, select Staff then the first initial of the username and then select the username of the user. To find a Professor's folder, select the Faculty folder and then select the username of the professor.

Step 5: All User Folders have In and Out Boxes

The inbox allows for documents to be put into their folder. The outbox allows for students to download documents from the professor.

Step 6: Create an Alias (Shortcut) on the Desktop

To create a desktop shortcut for an Enterprise Folder, navigate to Finder at the top of the screen, and scroll down to Preferences… Then under Show these items on the desktop, check the box next to Connected servers. The shortcut should then appear on the desktop if connected. Right click on the server icon and select Make Alias, a new icon will appear on the desktop. Double click to reconnect the drive.