Use this tutorial to download meeting data and attendance from Zoom meetings.

Step 1: Use a web browser to navigate to UCCS Zoom Portal and select Sign in. 

Step 2: Sign in with UCCS credentials

Please Note: You may want to turn on the Only authenticated users can join option in the Zoom meeting settings to have students’ names captured correctly.

Step 3: Find Reports

  • Once logged in, select Reports from the left hand toolbar, then click Usage. This will open a list of meetings you scheduled.
  • Please Note: you have to be the one who scheduled the meeting in order to access this data.

Step 4: Search for meeting

Find the meeting for which you would like to download participation data. Edit the date range for your search at the top of the screen.

Step 5: View Details

  • After finding the correct meeting, scroll to the right side of the table and find the Participants column.
  • Click the blue number that corresponds with your meeting. This will open a list of all meeting participants.

Step 6: Export Data

  • At the top of the Meeting Participant window, select Export with meeting data
  • If available, select Show unique users.
    • This will make it so each participant only appears once in your list (in the event that a participant left and returned to the meeting, there will be only one listing for that participant with a total duration for the entire meeting.)
  • Click Export to download the data.

Step 7: Finishing Up

  • This will save a .CSV (Excel) file on your computer. Open the file to review the participants in your meeting.

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