In response to the UCCS transition to remote learning, UCCS OIT has made a select number of open lab computers available for remote access.  These computers will provide access to all Windows PC Software for IT LAB Images.  Access to this resource will require an active VPN connection for the duration of the remote session.

In an effort to reduce VPN traffic, it is requested that you do not use this service unless you need access to software only available on open lab computers.  For access to UCCS webpages, Canvas, Microsoft Office programs, and Matlab remote access is not required. 


The following requirements are necessary for remote access to open lab computers.

Reserving a Lab Computer

In order to ensure that everyone has a computer available for remote access, please follow the procedure below when reserving a computer.

Step 1: Connect to the UCCSVPN

You must remain connected to the UCCS VPN for the duration of your remote desktop session.

Step 2: Visit the OIT Desktop Finder

Enter your UCCS credentials to sign-in and reserve a computer.

Step 3: Copy the name of one of the available desktops

Step 4: Paste the name of the desktop in your Remote Desktop client

Click Connect to initiate the remote desktop connection.

Step 5: Use your UCCS credentials to log-in to the lab computer.

Make sure to use the format

Accept the certificate if prompted.

If you are unable to connect, please try again with one of the other two provided computer names.

Step 6: When finished, sign-out or log off of the remote desktop. 

This will make the lab computer you were connected to available for use by other students.

How to use Remote Desktop Connection

Content from: Microsoft Support

Software and Resources not Requiring Remote Access

If you need access to any of the software or resources listed below, it is requested that you do not use remote access. 

Software and resources available on open lab computers that are also available online or for installation on a personal computer: