If you have a UCCS username and password (or registered for and received a guest username and password) you should connect to the UCCS-Wireless network.

If you are visiting from an eduroam participating institution, you can connect to the eduroam wireless network.

UCCS-Guest is an open (unsecure) wireless network which does not require any username or password to join - similar to your experience at a coffee shop. This network does not provide full access. It offers basic http and https access (for general web browsing), but does not offer access to on-campus resources such as Columbia or Enterprise drives. Advanced functionality is limited (some ports and applications are blocked). If you are a guest visiting campus and only need basic internet access, you can use this network.  If you require access to on-campus resources, or would prefer to use a secured wireless network, you will need to register for a guest account (details below).

Once you connect to this network, launch a web browser and you will be prompted with a Captive Portal were you can choose from several options. The two main options are outlined below. Click each header for more detailed information.