UCCS is shifting to OneDrive storage for all personal network drives on campus! Documentation for all the details on what OneDrive is, how to use it, and what's changing on campus. 

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud based data storage platform that allows you to securely save and access your campus data from anywhere in the world. The service utilizes our existing UCCS Office365 accounts to help keep your documents organized and accessible, and enables remote collaboration with instant document and folder sharing. Your UCCS account is licensed with 'OneDrive for School or Work' under the University of Colorado agreement, and includes all the features and tools available to OneDrive for Business.

Read here for more information on OneDrive for School or Work.

Accessing OneDrive

You can access your OneDrive documents directly through a browser, through the OneDrive app on your desktop, or through an application integration.

Browser URL

OneDrive can be accessed online through your Microsoft Office Portal or directly using this URL: https://uccsoffice365-my.sharepoint.com/

OneDrive App

The most common way to access your OneDrive is by using the desktop application to seamlessly integrate it into your Windows Explorer.

OneDrive Already Installed?

Starting with the 2021 Fall semester, all UCCS OIT managed labs will use the OneDrive desktop app by default. This means your My Documents, Pictures, and Desktop will link directly to OneDrive instead of your personal Z: drive.

Campus office desktops or department managed labs may already have OneDrive installed as part of Windows 10 or Office365, but will not have OneDrive automatically configured at this time.

To Install or Use the OneDrive app

Click here for additional Help Desk documentation on OneDrive configuration for specific devices.

Using a Windows desktop

Most Windows 10 systems will already have OneDrive installed, so you may just need to sign-in and configure your preferred settings. See the OneDrive configuration guide for detailed step by step instructions: Sync files with OneDrive in Windows - Office Support (microsoft.com)

Using a Mac OSX desktop

All Mac desktops will require you to fully install and configure the OneDrive application. See here for detailed step by step instructions: Sync files with OneDrive on Mac OS X - Office Support (microsoft.com)

Application Integrations


You can use your UCCS account to sign into Microsoft Office applications on your desktop to provide a seamless OneDrive experience.

Once signed into Office on your desktop, you will see your OneDrive storage location listed in the left side column of the Microsoft Office file explorer:


At this time Adobe products do not integrate with our OneDrive systems, however this feature will be coming soon!


OIT is aware of data security limitations when it comes to working with data in the cloud, so please contact the Help Desk for special considerations or concerns.

Read here for information on how OneDrive secures your data.

Personal Network Shares (Z:) Going Away

Part of our OneDrive Migration includes ending service and support for the personal network shares stored on Excelsior and Enterprise, commonly referred to as the Z: drives.

Starting Fall 2021 campus lab systems will no longer link your personal Z: drive to your account's profile, but will instead use your personal OneDrive for redirected data storage. This means your My Documents, Desktop, and Pictures shortcuts on lab systems will save content directly to OneDrive automatically.

Columbia Department Shares

The OneDrive Migration and timeline below does not include department Columbia shared storage at this time. These are being handled in a separate process in OIT, however departments that would like to utilize SharePoint for their Columbia share can contact Help Desk for early access.


The OneDrive Migration project and transition away from these Z: drives will occur in 3 phases throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, with the first phase starting August 1st 2021.

Phase 1: Data Transfer and Campus Lab Redirection

Starting July 31st 2021

  1. Contents of all campus personal Z: drives will be automatically transferred to the associated account's campus OneDrive. 
  2. All Campus Lab systems will have the user's My Documents, Pictures, and Desktop folders be automatically redirected to OneDrive. You may still need to sign-in to OneDrive with your UCCS account.
  3. Personal Z: drives will continue to exist and be mapped to your Windows File Explorer normally. You will still be able to access this until Phase 3 of the OneDrive Migration.

Phase 2: Service Ends for Z: Drives

Starting January 1st 2022

  1. After this date, new accounts will no longer have a personal Z: drive created with their account. 
  2. Existing Z: drives will still function and map to the file explorer normally but will be configured to be Read-Only.

Phase 3: Enterprise & Excelsior Offline

May 15, 2022

On this date, the Enterprise and Excelsior file shares will be taken offline and the data will be archived for a total of 30 days.  All references to the Z:\, S:\ and T:\ drives will be removed from computers on campus and access to these resources will no longer be available.  If you need to recover any data from your file share please contact the OIT Service Desk before June 15, 2022.  OneDrive will continue to be the preferred solution for your file storage and sharing needs.

Data Migration FAQ

My Windows Explorer links to My Documents, Pictures, or Desktop are different?

A: Historically, lab systems redirected those locations to the corresponding folders in your personal Z: drive. Starting Fall 2021 they will point to your OneDrive folders instead.

My Profile Folders look different between labs still?

A: Select department managed labs, classrooms, or specialty labs may not have the OneDrive app automatically configured by default. These will continue to redirect to your Z: drive as usual.

Can I still access my Z: drive if my Profile folders point to OneDrive?

A: Yes, all Z: drives will continue to be mapped when you login. You can access this by opening My Computer and selecting your Z: drive share.

I already use OneDrive, will my files be overwritten or lost?

A: Files will be overwritten if a file with the same name and location has a 'Last Modified' date that is newer than the version in your OneDrive. 

I lost my file or correct version, can I get it back?

A: OneDrive files can be recovered up to 30 days after they are overwritten or deleted. Campus storage shares can be backed up for up to 90 days. Contact the Help Desk for assistance.

Is there a risk of losing my file forever?

A: Yes, when using a Lab or Podium desktop. All campus lab and podium systems are configured to use OneDrive storage exclusively, and similar to with the Z: drive it will not save locally stored files after logout. Please verify the file you are working on is saved in OneDrive or your Z: drive before logging out of a lab or podium desktop.

I have my OneDrive organized and don't want Z: drive data messing it up.

A: All contents of your personal Z: drive will be transferred to OneDrive, and will retain the original folder and file structure. If you have old or unwanted content in your Z:, it should be cleaned up and organized before July 31st.

Where is my Data folder?

A: Previously your 'My Documents' were stored in a folder called 'Data' in your Z: drive. When your data is migrated to OneDrive, the contents of this Data folder will be sent to your OneDrive folder called 'Documents'.

Will I still be able to store everything I need to in OneDrive?

A: Each account is allowed up to 1TB (1000GB) of general data storage in OneDrive, as opposed to the 50GB of storage on campus. OneDrive does not limit the type of data, so all types of media and extensions can be stored.

Is there still a local copy of my file on campus?

A: Do not assume there is a locally stored copy of your file in either the Z: drive or your local desktop. All campus lab and podium systems will be configured to use OneDrive storage only, however your personal desktop's OneDrive app may be configured to save a local copy of the file.

Can I still use my OneDrive as a student Dropbox?

A: Yes, OneDrive folders can be shared to any number of other UCCS accounts; however, it is recommended to switch to a Teams Classroom or SharePoint site for this purpose. Contact the Help Desk for information on how to set this up for your class.